Sentenza di appello per Beppe

Oggi [14 luglio] il tribunale ha riconfigurato il reato per Beppe che è stato giudicato per minacce con l’aggravante dell’azione dimostrativa.

Per questo è stato condannato ad un anno. Che, come sappiamo, è stato ampiamente scontato.

L’avvocato si riserva un ricorso in cassazione dopo l’uscita delle motivazioni.

Alcune decine di compagni e compagne erano in presidio davanti al tribunale.

Tutti liberi, tutte libere

The appeal sentence for Beppe (Genoa, July 14, 2022)

Today [July 14] the court reconfigured the crime for Beppe, who was tried for threats with the aggravating factor of demonstrative action.

For this he was sentenced to one year. Which, as we know, was largely served.

The lawyer reserves an appeal in cassation after the motivations come out.

Several dozen comrades were in front of the court during the hearing.

Freedom for everyone

Note: Comrade Beppe, who was arrested in May 2019 for Prometeo repressive operation along with two other comrades (all of whom were charged with attack for terrorist purposes in connection with three parcel bombs against two prosecutors and the director of the Department of prison administration in 2017), while incarcerated for this repressive operation, received another arrest warrant on charges related to the placement of an untriggered gasoline canister against the ATM of a post office, in Genoa, in 2016 (at that time Poste Italiane was being attacked for its collaboration, through the airline Mistral, in the deportation and repatriation of migrants). The three comrades defendants in the trial for Prometeo operation were acquitted (the prosecutor had sought between 17 and 18 years and 4 months of sentence), while Beppe was initially sentenced to 5 years in the first instance of the other trial, lastly being sentenced to 1 year in this latest appeal sentence.